Crossroads 17.75 Plan of Action

Version: 20170317 v2



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Rally Point

We will meet at the McDonald’s at 18050 Triangle Shopping Plaza, Dumfries, VA 22026 in the Triangle Plaza in Dumfries (Route 1, approximately 1 mile north of Joplin Road) at 0530. From there we will roll to the Prince William Forest Park. We must be on the course no later than 0630 for those on the course. Tom will need to be at the Start/Stop by 0530. The race starts at 0700.

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Our primary mission is eyes on the course to provide safety and back up the Marine Corps Marathon personnel. In the event of a downed runner, contact Start immediately. There will be an ambulance on site for the duration of the event under the command of Top Doc.

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We have permission to access the course. Everyone will need a parking pass (below and in email). Parking on the course is permitted. For those with locations on the blacktop, please stay on the blacktop or pull off on to a utility road. Those in the woods, the road should be wide enough for you to pull to the side. Please be aware of the vegetation.

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This is a mobile event, and depending on your location, you will want all 50 watts. Depending on the needs at Start/Stop, an antenna/cross-band may be required (and can be loaned from stocks).

A head-set is almost a mandatory accessory, especially where they pump the music up to 11[1]. Your vehicle may act as a good damper.

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Operational Parameters

We will plan to operate on simplex at 147.525, the normal ARES operational frequency. We will backstop this with the the K3FBI repeater at 147.345+ PL 167.9. If things get really bad, we may switch to the Woodbridge machine at 147.240+ PL 107.2.

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Media Relations

Any questions asked by the public or the media, are to be directed to the Race Officials. We will have both our PIOs, Tom, W4PIO and Spenc, KG4GFW on site if anyone has questions about Amateur Radio specifically.

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Maps and Pass

17.75 Crossroads Map

Crossroad Map

Prince William Forest Map

PWForest Map

Parking Pass

2017 Parking Pass

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  1. It’s a Spinal Tap (movie) reference.  ↩