Site Survey and Locations

17.75 Crossroads Map

Crossroad Map

Prince William Forest Map

PWForest Map


Located at the Montclair Tabernacle. Parking will be in the school adjacent to the Tabernacle. We may want to put up an antenna/repeater at the site to reach the park.


The turn to the park

Running north on Dumfries Road, they turn into the park here.

Park Turn

Toward Mile 1/10

And down this road to mile marker 1.

Mile 1

Split in the park

After Parking Lot C, the road splits. To the left, the road is two way and winds up to Mile marker 7, where you will have to turn around and come back. By staying to the right, the road will allow you to continue all the way back around until you come out on the left. For those working the Aid/Water stops, as well as Mile 8 and Mile 7, you will want to stay right. Everyone else can turn left.

Road Split

Aid/Water 1

The first major Aid/Water point is at the intersection of Scenic Drive and Taylor Farm Road. The runners will come down Burma Road and cross Scenic Drive on the way out and the back along Scenic Drive before turning back up Burma and the way in.

Burma-Taylor Road

Mile 3

Here is the view down Taylor Road towards Mile 3

Taylor Road

Mile 3 - Probably Central Antenna

At the turn from Taylor Road and down Old Blacktop, there are a number of high trees with good groins that would be good for a high antenna position without the need of a mast. The road on the left is Taylor Farm, to the right is Old Blacktop leading down to Mile 3.

Net Control

Looking down the road at aproximatly Mile 3


Water Point 2/Mile 4

Water Point 2 is at Lot I, and due to the lack of convienent parking for Mile 4, this will be Mile 4 as well. Oddly, there is no picture of lot I.

Mile 5

The best place to park for Mile 5 is Lot H.

Lot H

Aid 2/Water 3/Mile 6

There is not a lot of room at Lot G, which is just before the Mawavai Road turn off.

Lot H

Mile 7

The best place to set up for Mile 7, since it occurs on a large, sweeping curve is at the base of the One-Way where Scenic Drive crosses the road for the Oak Ridge Campground.

Mile 7

Water 4 / Mile 8

Water 4 is based at parking at Lot F and is the best place to observe for Mile 8.

Mile 7