Turkey Trot 2019 Plan of Action

Updated 18 November 2019




Rally Point

We will meet at the McDonald’s at 13500 Russell Rd A, Quantico, VA 22134. This is the McDonald’s located on base, at the rear gate next to the Exchange. Talk-in on the Woodbridge 2m machine.

We will meet at 0630, roads are scheduled to close at 0700. Be on time, I want to have folks in motion to their sites by 0645.

This is a rain or shine event. Please dress appropriately.

NOTE: Beginning October 1, 2020, the federal government will require you to present this upgraded REAL ID compliant credential or another form of approved identification in order to board a domestic flight or to access secure federal facilities. Effective immediately, some military bases may no longer accept non-REAL ID compliant credentials which display “Federal Limits Apply.” If you do not have a REAL ID certifed drivers license, please make sure to have a REAL ID equivilent document, such as a passport or other federal ID.


The One-Mile race starts at 0930.

The 10K Turkey Trot race starts at 0950.

Our primary mission is eyes on the course to provide safety and back up the Marine Corps Marathon personnel. In the event of a downed runner, contact OSV immediately. There will be an ambulance on site for the duration of the event under the command of Top Doc.


An HT should be sufficient at most locations. At Water West and Mile 5, you may find a portable/mobile set-up more effective. Special note for Mile 5, where we have had building issues before - you can set up in the field between Bruce Mess Hall and the building on Hawkins Ave, so you will not have the shade issue. See the map:

Mile 5
Mile 5

A head-set is a mandatory accessory for the OSV operator (you will be in the mobile command vehicle, and there is no heat either, so wear layers). Other operators may find a headset useful.

For this exercise, we are going to put NCS at the Marsh Center at the top of their parking lot. This is to test communications for the Triathlon as much as for functional communications for this exercise.

Operational Parameters

We will be operating simplex at 147.525, the normal ARES operational frequency. All stations should be close enough to hear each other, but relays may be needed.

Media Relations

Any questions asked by the public or the media, are to be directed to the Race Officials. We will have our PIO, Tom Fournier, W4PIO on site if anyone has questions about Amateur Radio specifically.


Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot