Turkey Trot 2023 Plan of Action

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In accordance with Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) policy, all runners, volunteers, spectators and sponsors requiring access to the base for the MCM Event Series must have an approved ID and be registered into the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), prior to being allowed on base. All individuals, age 18 and above, who do not possess a valid Department of Defense (DoD) issued ID card (CAC - Common Access Card & TESLIN – active, retiree, dependent, reserve, individual ready reserve) must register into the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) and stop by the Visitor Control Center (VCC) to obtain a visitor pass. Passes can be obtained at the VCC up to 14 days in advance of an event. Plan in advance for any MCM Event Series date to obtain the required access pass.

All personell must have a pass to get on base. No exceptions. For those without a valid federal ID (military CAC/Retired Military, select others - you know who you are), please visit DBIDS to get pre-enrolled, then you will need to visit the MCM visitor’s office, located at 27031 Telegraph Rd, Stafford, VA 22556 to get your pass. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the website prior to heading to the VCC to make sure they are open. I will email the point of contact to the participants.

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Rally Point

We will meet at the McDonald’s at 13500 Russell Rd A, Quantico, VA 22134. This is the McDonald’s located on base, at the rear gate next to the Exchange. Talk-in on the Woodbridge 2m machine.

We will meet at 0800. Be on time, I want to have folks in motion to their sites by 0830.

This is a rain, snow, or shine event. Please dress appropriately.

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The One-Mile race starts at 0930.

The 10K Turkey Trot race starts at 1000.

Our primary mission is eyes on the course to provide safety and back up the Marine Corps Marathon personnel. In the event of a downed runner, contact OSV immediately. There will be an ambulance on site for the duration of the event under the command of Top Doc.


At the water points, Mile 1/3 and Mile 5, you may find a portable/mobile set-up more effective, but an HT will also work with relays. We will set up an antenna or cross-band at the OSV on race day

A head-set is a mandatory accessory for the OSV operator (you will be in the mobile command vehicle, and there is no heat either, so wear layers). Other operators may find a headset useful.

Operational Parameters

We will be operating simplex at 147.525, the normal ARES operational frequency. All stations should be close enough to hear each other, but relays may be needed.

Media Relations

Any questions asked by the public or the media, are to be directed to the Race Officials.

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Turkey Trot
Turkey Trot