Capital Fortitude Plan of Action

PWC Health Department POD Exercise

Version: 20190718–02



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Rally Point

We will meet at the Manassas City Police Department no later than 0820 to sign in. There will be a briefing starting at 0830. We will deploy following the briefing based on needs. Please park behind the police department for Friday’s exercise if you are arriving in the morning in order to save room for public parking. The gate to the right of the building will be open.


On Friday, July 19, 2018, the Prince William Health District will be participating with the City of Manassas in Capital Fortitude. This is an exercise to simulate the dispensing of medication at a Point of Dispensing (POD). Prince William County ARES has been invited to participate in the exercise. This is a full day exercise from 0830 until at least 1500.

A briefing will be at 0830 in the City of Manassas EOC, the other sites will be the POD site at Metz, and the Health Department Operations Center (HDOC) at Kao Circle.

For this exercise, there are several features we would like to show to the City, and the Health Department, as well as work through several things we have not had the opportunity to practice.

We have several things to demonstrate.

All locations will require a radio, Metz and the HDOC will require a full kit (radio, power supply/source, antenna, etc).

Metz is an unproven location and likely to be a bunker. We have no antenna and never operated from in the school. This is our biggest challenge. A cross-band repeater is probably. We may be able to break the seal for this exercise, but it might not be possible during a real event.

We have one antenna up at the Manassas City EOC, so we will have to balance how we send voice and WinLink/Digital (and who is bringing the gear).

We have not worked out of the HDOC in quite some time. There is no antenna on this location. Like Metz, we will likely need to plan for an external-internal link model.


We will use 147.525 as our primary frequency. We will use 443.500+ PL 110.9 Hz as our back up frequency (Channel 28 - OVHMAN/Ole Virginia Hams Manassas Repeater). We will use the voice frequency for WinLink as well. Please ensure the frequency is clear.

WinLink: We will use WinLink in Peer-to-Peer mode. Stations will be discussed after the briefing tomorrow.

David has one portable ink jet printer (a Cannon) that will be available. Drivers should be downloaded in advance. Please ensure to select your OS.

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Manassas City
Manassas City